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National Punctuation Day® makes the news! See coverage and interviews with Jeff Rubin from television, radio, newspapers, blogs (weblogs), and podcasts.

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2009 TV Coverage of National Punctuation Day®

Detroit Free Press

2009 Radio Coverage of National Punctuation Day®

Radio KFOR
Radio GCN
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2009 Articles about National Punctuation Day®

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Saving language, one comma at a timeToronto Star, Canada, September 2009

We May Also Need a National Punctuation DayModern Ghana News, October 2009

Our national shame. PeriodNational Post, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 2009

National Punctuation Day: Professor’s Pet PeevesNational Post, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 2009

Literacy’s wane punctuates a period of gloomTimes Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, September 2009


National Punctuation Day: Take The Huffington Post Punctuation Quiz!The Huffington Post, September 2009


Want to enter a ?!“,;??!:“”! baking contest?The Los Angeles Times, September 2009

West County NotesContra Costa (CA) Times, September 2009

It’s $#!@ Punctuation Day already!?Deseret News, Salt Lake City, September 2009

Punctuate ThisSanta Barbara (CA) Daily Sound, September 2009

School Notes: Whittier baking contest to kick-off National Punctuation Day celebrationWhittier (CA) Daily News, September 2009


Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It, This Guy Cares About Writing’s Jots and TittlesThe Washington Post, September 2009

John Kelly's Washington: On-line chat with Jeff RubinThe Washington Post, September 2009

Punctuation errors can cost jobs, money, esteemPittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 2009

Looking for a reason to bake? National Punctuation DayCanton (OH) Repository, September 2009

John Kiminicki columnLong Island (NY) Business News, October 2009


Kids: ‘Hooray for punctuation!’Miami Herald, September 2009

Stop! Pause, momentarily, to appreciate punctuation; National Punctuation Day beginsPalm Beach (FL) Post, September 2009

Pumped about punctuationSarasota (FL) Herald-Tribune

Today is National Punctuation Day...!?Tuscaloosa (AL) News


National Punctuation Day is ThursdayChicago Tribune, September 2009

Today We Salute Punctuation!Cincinnati Busines Courier, September 2009

Comma senseJanesville (WI) Gazette Extra, September 2009

Appreciate the comma on National Punctuation DayThe State News (Michigan State University), September 2009

The misunderstood drama of the comma!Enid (OK) News, September 2009


There’s no ? about it ... dots, squiggles importantSan Antonio (TX) Express-News, September 2009


Share Your Tales of Bad Grammar or Copy Editing at The E&P Pub — On ‘National Punctuation Day’Editor & Publisher, September 2009

Its’ National Punctuation Day!Runner’s World, September 2009

Pesky Apostrophes? Elusive Ellipses? Here’s helpSchool Library Journal, September 2009

Get ‘Punct’! National Punctuation Day Celebrates Proper Use of Confusing SquigglesWeekly Reader, September 2009


National Punctuation DayFelt & Wire, September 2009

National Punctuation DaySociety for the Promotion Of Good Grammar, September 2009

‘Hello...my name is Eileen ... and I’m ... an ellipsis abuser ...’Ragan.com, September 2009

Time to ... party? Yes!Raising Arizona Kids, September 2009

Apostrophes, colons and dashes, oh my!Personal Money Store, September 2009

Celebrate National Punctuation DayCraftGossip.com September 2009

Happy National Punctuation Day!Susan Heim on Parenting September 2009

National Punctuation Day: Stop Dragging Your Comma AroundJanuary Magazine, September 2009

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