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St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
(Pensacola, FL)
celebrates National Punctuation Day®

Listen to the Punctuation Rap

Here is an article that one of our 7th grade students wrote for our school’s newsletter. I have also attached some pictures of the cookies that were mentioned in the story. All the students had a wonderful day celebrating the day.

Thank you for helping spreading the news of the importance of punctuation.

Jeanne Blake
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
Public Relations Office
Pensacola, FL

St. John School

St. John School

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Punctuation Day!

By Hannah Branstetter
7th grade

Usually when you think of punctuation, you think of school and boring things. But, punctuation day makes learning really fun!

Most teachers will let you do performances about the subject by letting you create a skit, song, or dance. My group had an awesome time showing our rap to the class. On-line baking contests or recipes made the day interesting as well.

Mrs. Deininger, a mom from the school, baked us a delicious cookie cake that had a cool saying on it. It read “An ellipsis is not when the moon moves in front of the sun.”

That leads into another great part of the day. You get to learn through your good time too. I learned what an ellipsis is from the cookie cake. Punctuation day is a nice way to honor punctuation.

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